Nutricia: We have changed, but we have remained true to our values and quality!

At Nutricia we know that our customers rely daily on our baby / infant and special milk products. The health and safety of our customers and their families has always been our top priority. As COVID-19 changed the situation, our commitment to continuous supply, quality and service to you has never been stronger.

That is why we have altered our way of working and continued to offer everything we promise as a brand to health professionals and consumers alike. 

  • We have continued to provide scientific information to health professionals about our products as well as changes in legislation on milk formulas.
  • We have organized online seminars for health professionals, with world-renowned scientists and researchers on nutrition, Covid-19 matters and breastfeeding advice in the midst of a pandemic.
  • The local medical team remained in constant, telephone and electronic communication with the pediatricians in Cyprus, while the distribution of samples for the needs of health professionals and clinics continued.
  • We share the concern of every parent about their baby’s nutrition, this is why we continued the uninterrupted distribution of our products, to all retailers. This way we ensured that the products are available on the shelves.
  • We made the supply of our products even safer and easier for parents by offering the possibility of buying online and free home delivery, while at the same time we conducted a publicvinformation campaign for our movement.
  • We proceeded with consulting and informative posts on the AlmiClub Cyprus Facebook page, regarding nutrition and the protection of the family from COVID-19.

All of us in Nutricia continue to make efforts effort to provide care for you, your family and your loved ones. You can rely on our promise that we will continue to provide you with our best services.

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