In every period of your life… be Optimistic!

Every woman in every period of her life can be invincible, spontaneous, irresistible and above all optimistic, without discomfort, cramps and pain, even on difficult days of the month. Every woman experiences the difficult days of the month differently and her daily life is affected. Exercise becomes perhaps more uncomfortable, playing with children a little more difficult, while reading for exams and concentrating at work is disrupted.

But what causes the symptoms of dysmenorrhea? The increase in prostaglandins causes contractions in the uterus and consequently pain. Nurofen Period Pain, which is available in pharmacies in the form of 400 mg soft capsules, can directly and effectively treat period pain. The action of Nurofen Period Pain begins within a few minutes of taking it and can last up to eight hours. The active ingredient, ibuprofen, is a substance that "keeps" prostaglandin levels low, thus preventing contractions, cramps and pain by aiming to solve the problem.

So, in every period of life, every woman can be optimistic, fearless, carefree, elusive, irresistible, a fighter with the support of the Nurofen Period Pain. Nurofen Period Pain.

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The product is available in all pharmacies from Lifepharma, a member of the MSJ Group. Recommended advice from your doctor or pharmacist. Lifepharma, μέλος του Ομίλου MSJ. Συστήνεται συμβουλή από τον γιατρό ή τον φαρμακοποιό σας. 

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